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Thursday, 18 November 2010

A few simple tips about bonsai care

I have added the following as I was asked today for some advice about a bonsai. There seems to be a common concensus thaty bonsai trees are difficult to look after. I don't think that is the case and it isn't time consuming.
The most common trees to be found on sale are Fukian Carmona, Serissa Foetida (tree of  a thousand stars), Sageretia Thezans, Chinese Elms,
The first three are best indoors. Chinese Elm can be kept outdoors. If kept outdoors and sometimes indoors it will loose it's leaves. Sageretia Theezans is not a good tree for a beginner they can be temperamental. but they often have wonderful ancient looking trunks.

Often labels on bonsai will tell you how often to water. This is incorrect. The tree roots take up water according to a variety of external factors. During the winter there is less need for water and if you followed the instructions you would be 'drowning your tree'. I generally use the finger test. If the upper crust of the soil is dry. Than watering is needed. I prefer submerging the the pot until the bubbles have stopped.. Lift and let the water run out.It is also helpful to spray the leaves daily with water.


Feeding is best carried out from March to Sept.
There are special bonsai feeds though I tend to use regular feeds such as tomato feed, bio feed etc.,

Is more of an annual task if needed. I will talk about it on another occasion

Placing the trees.
Indoor trees: An area where there is plenty of light except when it gets really hot. Then move to a shadier spot. Do not place near a radiater. Outdoors : I have found by trial and error that during the summer it is better to keep the trees in semi shade. In both situations it is worth turning the trees around occasionally. Though trees outside need less care they still need checking for watering during dry spells.

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