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Menachem and Yehudit Jacobs Ladder was first established as a folk club on Kibbutz Machanayim in the Upper Galilee. It has gone from strength to strength and has since moved from Kibbutz to the shores of Ginnosar. I highly recommend going to their site. You can use the link on the right hand side of this blog half way down or you can click the link below to get a 'taster'

Menachem Vinegrad posted in Jacobs Ladder (Folk Music) Festival פסטיבל סולם יעקב.

Here's a great video film of the 2011 May Festival. What a great filmmaker! If you need a film making go to Or

הנה סרט מצויין על פסטיבל מאי 2011

אור רון הסריט אותו - אם אתם צריכים סרט תפנו אליו

Menachem and Yehudit Vinegrad founder of jacobs ladder Folk festival


תמצית המכתב בעברית נמצאת מתחת לאנגלית 24...
Menachem Vinegrad6:32pm Feb 25
‫תמצית המכתב בעברית נמצאת מתחת לאנגלית

24 February 2012

Hi Folks,
We have plenty of good news for you this issue. Jacob’s Ladder Spring Festival is well underway.It will take place on May 3.4.5 at Nof Ginosar.
The line up looks fabulous, with Mike Scott’s Bluegrass Band from Nashville heading the bill. Mike is the champion banjoist who first played here with the Abrams Brothers.
New names from Israel include Omri Vitis, Erez Singer, Gilad Hesseg, Gal Nisman, The Foreign Angels, The Heeby Gee Bee Blues Band and Shmemel.
Old favorites include Bodhran , Jug O’Punch and Maya Isaacowitz who headlines on Thursday night. How can Maya be an old favorite? She’s so young!

I recently participated in a Folk Festival Webinar, given by Jay Sweet, producer of the Newport Folk Festival Newport, arguably one of the most historically significant music festivals in the United States.
Jay mentioned that fans of Newport and other successful folk festivals, sign up for tickets without even knowing the coming line-up. People come for the entire event. They know it will be good
This is what we have found is the philosophy of the Jacob’s Ladder fans. They sign up for rooms and tickets way ahead. They know it will be great.

Our website is up and running, ‬
You can already buy early bird tickets at great savings. You will be able to buy tickets by phone from March 1st 04-6850403
We will shortly have new, more attractive, more user friendly website, which we hope will seamlessly replace the old one. One of the creaking features in the old one was the sign-up list for this newsletter, so please help us by passing on this newsletter to your friends who may not have been included in the list.
Look for Jacob’s Ladder Festival on Facebook- give us a like, share it with your friends and spread the good word.
Finally for today, you can hear great folk music, not heard elsewhere on Israeli radio, on my folk program “Shom’im Olam” at

With love