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Just a reminder when outside in the heat to wear a hat!
A Big Thank You to Staff and Children at Akiva School for the lovely card and presents.

Take a  look at  'What's happening on the vegetable plot. Don't forget to click 'more' to see the rest.
There are now new pages on this blog. By clicking on the pages link on the right hand side (half way down) you will find a variety of articles.
Page 1 Provides a brief introduction to the editor and an article by the editor on fish keeping

Page 2a
Paul has kindly allowed me to reprint articles from his website however I recommend going to see the full range of interesting articles. See address below.
Yet again the versatile Paul Brecher has surprised us with a Brand New Article called the Anomaly of The Meridians . As I found this article so fascinating I have created a new page 2a where you can find this most extraordinary article  Paul runs a variety of courses and you only need go to his website:
Page 3
On Page 3 there is an article by Paul Brecher. my Teacher, which is an introduction to the martial art of Pa Kua Chang.
A new article by Paul Brecher has been added to page 3 The Wooden Man Form. For more information on this please contact Paul.
For those wanting a different perspective  an article on food and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been added. If you go to Paul's site you can now find new additions  to purchase books on Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine
 These have been reprinted by kind Permission of the author. These articles and more can be found on his website:  You will also find information about his classes.
Paul also teaches a no nonsense methods of dealing with difficult violent situations. For more information look at this website.
I have just added a link to The Pau Chui , Cannon fist performed by Paul brecher
Paul brecher has also published a number of books. Two of these can be found on page 3. Go to his website for more details and to see a great deal of fascinating material.
The following link: 

The link above is an explanation of the origins of taiji from Wutang 700 years ago..
This will give a 'taster'.

Paul's classes are stimulating and hard work an a way to really 'get to know who you are'. Paul will ask you what you want and even if newcomers ask for the mellower aspects it is inevitable that they gradually opt for the more intriguing aspects. Together with that there is great comradeship in the class and a desire to assist people to enjoy the 'voyage of discovery'.

Page 5: Contains articles by the blog author. The latest is: The secrets of Drip irrigation.

Page 6
I have added a new page showing some of the paintings of Matan Peles , a resident of a community for adults with learning difficulties on Kibbutz mahanayim, Upper Gailee, Israel.

I recommend looking at these photos which can be purchased online. Every painting purchased is more support for the community. You can see more of his paintings  on their  url:   The site is in Hebrew but there is a translate button on the right hand side.
Under this article there is an article explaining The Israeli Kibbutz

Page 7 contains
an article by Graham Thomason due to his dissatisfaction with translations of The Old and New Testament he has provided  his own translations using his deep incisive knowledge of languages including Hebrew. Graham is a member of the Christian faith and an ardent supporter of the Jewish  People.This article appears in the original on:  and was added to this blog by kind permission.
A variety of articles are posted on my blog they do not necessarily reflect the blog author's view

Page 8 There is an explanation of the Shaw Trust, a Horticultural Project for Adult with learning difficulties.
A brand new page has been added 'Poems by Mark Shuck' .  Anyone who has been troubled by squirrels in the garden will surely relate to the first in a series.

More articles wanted on a variety of subjects. I hold the right to refuse articles I consider
inappropriate and likely to cause offence.

Go to the following link to watch my neices Tanya and Lauren Seifert performing a beautiful performance of pole dancing

On the Plot and the Rest

                                Photos from the garden
 Many entries have been erased as I have found that the page can't hold so many entries
                                                                                                                                    .  2017
I27th May 2017
There have been long gaps. it's the nature of the game at this time of year. More recently. apart from the daily jobs including watering other people's   plots during their absence and weekly mowing.
I planted out Seakale.. I have also been planting tomato plants in an out.                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2nd June 2017
We have been away on  a tour of Gardens of Kent and Sussex. I have been back on the the site. There was a lot to catch up particularly in the greenhouse and polytunnels as plants have shot up. From haing a slow start with cucumbers I am now overrun with plants. I shall plant at different stages to see if I can extend the season as suggested by R. Some tomato plant are beginning to fruit and there are an assortment of unusual cucumbers. People have been making comments about the gigantic leaves of the Red Cabbage as  seen above. i was worried they wouldn't really produce a good head because of excess manure in the ground but there are signs of heads firm. There are two green pointed cabbage in the back polytunnel and they are showing good heads. I also did some mowing of communal areas plus my own plots.I also sowed direct in a raised tub - carrots with beating the carrot fly in mind. As the carrot fly does not fly high. I also sowed direct some more    leeks Northern lights a fairly new strain.  This year I have engaged in interplanting between crops the lettuce I sowed between the potatoes and the Chinese Spinach is coming through with a gusto. My next job is to expose more of the onion bulbs to the sun. and sowing Shiso a Japanese salad type and good in stir fries . Red Orach i similar.      
21rst June2017
There haven't been many entries as we have been away. There is a lot to harvest and onions/garlic to hang up . I had to catch up with weeding and tying tomatoes . there is still more work. I did get an email from someone I helped on another allotment site mentioning the problems with bind weed. At the time it was obvious they thought I was 'off the wall' with my emphasis on digging and clearing. I think now they have realized there is a 'method to my madness'  I explained that I had learned from my own mistakes in our garden which all those years back I didn't realize the importance of clearing bindweed. My contention is if you want to use a 'no dig' method you still have to clear at first.

27th June 2017
Many Onions and garlic have been hung up. I still have more to dig up. Have lightly dug over those areas and sowed other crops. Washed the polytunnel covers using a broom and soap to remove algae.
Harvested first squash and courgette. The first cucumber was a bit bitter. i will have to look at that. i will leave the next one longer. I have decided to resow an area on the top plot there are too many gaps between crops and they are not developing at the pace I would expect. Did some mowing on peoples plots and in common parts. Sorted out a delivery of chippings.                                                                                                                                                                  
Have harvested a lot of onions , garlic, red cabbage. I had a lovely cucumber with my sandwiches picked from the polytunnel. I have been sowing where the onions and garlic have been harvested. Also sowed more cabbage. Today i scattered used coffee grinds on the soil after talking to another veg grower who enters competitions. This was also confirmed by a brazilian lady whoes mother used it. I am also soaking rhubarb leaves to try it out as a pesticide. Plan to try it out on a small patch of brassicae at the back of the polytunnels after removing the net.

Yesterday R brought back plants (mature plants) which I gave him as seedlings last year and not kept any. They produce a large melon type squash. The plants grow at a terric rate an engulfed his plot. I have replanted them at the back of the polytunnel even though it's a risk with mature plants.I also cleared the back oof a neighbors plot as she is unwell. Today apart from the the usual watering I weeded. Then on the new plot cut the roots off the red cabbage plants that I pulled after harvesting the cabbage a I don't put brassicae roots on the compost heap.. Sometimes i leave cabbage plants and carve a cross where the cabbage has been harvested as a result this causes tiny cabbages to appear which can be eaten.
Cleared the broadbean area harvesting the remaining beans.

I don't write every day though i am onsite everyday. I harvested  a row and a bit of potatoes.The tirst row near the grape vine produced smaller potatoes than the second. It was also a good thing to remove the potato haulms as it allowed more light to reach the vines.  I have piled up nd covered the haulms so that they dry out ready for burning. Have sowed beetroot and fennel on the first plot where I pulled out the broadbeans .I have introduced a mister over the cucumbers in the polytunnel as some seemed to dry out quickly. I shall compare with the cucumber in the greenhouse.

14th July 2017
I have been carrying some general jobs on the site such as mowing. cutting back ivy growing over by .sorting out the compost boxes by the raised bed which I stopped midway due to an abundance of wasps.
I am trying out a mister on the cucumbers and melon plants in the polytunnel. Collected more onions and sowed lettuce and other in the same place.

16th July 2017
Cleared one row of brassicae making ready for sowing leafy veg. Pricked out and  Repotted Spring cabbage. Pruned and tied tomatoes some more.

18 th July 2017
Yesterday sowed radish where I took out the brassicae. I also lit a fire  to burn potato haulms . Today pruned te grape vine. removed a row of Radichio and sowed lettuce instead as we don't use much. Removed more leaves from the tomatoes

23rd July 2017
We have been away on a gardens tour which included Tatton Park Flower Show.
Was on site today . Sowed some dwarf tomato seed even though it's rather late in the seed. Also set up tomato plants in the greenhouse with a water channel underneath to see how they develop. added tomato feed to the water. weed behind the polytunnels.
Decided to revamp the lower part of the rockery and reinstall a liner (original removed. had no underlay) for a pond though in a different shape,        

26th July 2017
It was raining so limited in what I could do but used the liner/underlay leftover from the garden and set out a small pond behind the polytunnels  . Put up poles and netting over the seakale as I notices signs of gnawing on the  leaves. Planted some Melon plants in the polytunnel .  bit late but with the warmth they may catch up . Left half for R.