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Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Pages

Wishing everyone a Happy and successful New Year.
Just worth giving a thought to those who don't have it so good .If we can do that little bit to help and towards stopping climate change.

Whats New.
There are  pages on this blog. By clicking on the pages link on the right hand side (half way down) you will find a variety of articles. Though there is a strong emphasis on growing vegetables I am keen to receive articles on non political subjects.
Yesterday we had a great Wing Chun session with Mark at my house.  New students welcome.
 The Internal Martial ARTS
Sessions will be held once a month at my house with Dr Mark Green (Green Tai Chi). In order to know more about Mark see below; 
To view 
Mark  focuses on Wing Chun and also accommodate students who want to learn other aspects of The Taiji system such as large San sau or The Long Form
Separately some of the ex students of Paul Brecher will meet in the area of East Finchley or my house (depending on weather) to practice the syllabus taught by Paul Brecher. 

Re training sessions with Mark . I am waiting for new dates from Mark will update  when I receive them . Meanwhile students are meeting at my house for practice. We are not currently taking new students unless they are familiar with Kunfa breakouts etc., The interim practice sessions start from 16:30 

 Students can  arrive earlier for tea from 17:30 . The sessions will start at 18:00 until 19:30. There will be a charge for the session. Students will share the cost .  Weather permitting we will train in the garden otherwise inside.  The focus will be on Wing Chun (Kunfa and other) . For those who prefer to work on aspects of the Taiji system please let Mark know and he will consider options
Good news : Someone maybe building me an improved Bagua Wooden Man as my current is rather makeshift and has some rough bits.
During the intervals between the sessions students meet up to train. For more details please contact me

Kun fa training with Mark Green

               Grow Your Own
U3A members can join me for sessions at Gordon Road Allotments for sessions on 'Grow Your Own'. These will restart in March
I would also like to use this page to encourage readers to look at the work of St Mungo's and other such charities in helping the homeless. They are grateful for any donations.

I am seeking  contributions of non political articles for the blog. They can be sent to my email.

We are collecting clothes for asylum seekers but they must be washed folded and marked according to gender. Page 5: Contains articles by the blog author. The latest is: The secrets of Drip irrigation.

Page 6
I have added a new page showing some of the paintings of Matan Peles , a resident of a community for adults with learning difficulties on Kibbutz mahanayim, Upper Gailee, Israel.

I recommend looking at these photos which can be purchased online. Every painting purchased is more support for the community. You can see more of his paintings  on their  url:   The site is in Hebrew but there is a translate button on the right hand side.
Under this article there is an article explaining The Israeli Kibbutz

Page 8 There is an explanation of the Shaw Trust, a Horticultural Project for Adult with learning difficulties.
A brand new page has been added 'Poems by Mark Shuck' .  Anyone who has been troubled by squirrels in the garden will surely relate to the first in a series.

More articles wanted on a variety of subjects. I hold the right to refuse articles I consider
inappropriate and likely to cause offence.

Go to the following link to watch my neices Tanya and Lauren Seifert performing a beautiful performance of Theatrical Pole Dancing

The Seifert Sisters can be seen on 
See an amazing array of skills . Tanya Seifert also offers private English lessons to foreign students.
Tanya is also a singer. She has her own band and also sings in a group called 'Women in Rock@
They are my nieces 

Exciting new addition on Page 7
There is an in depth explanation of how to grow sweet peas by Professor David Young. Having spoken to him has stimulated me to 'Have a Go'.

On the Plot and the Rest

Earlier entries have been erased to provide more space for the New Year

17th Sept 2019
Prepared area behind polytunnels for Brassicae . Cleared potatoes and rotavated . Plant onion and garlic sets at he front of the plot. Took a risk and moved fruit bushes adding supporting poles for some.

29th Sept 2019
I have been too busy to update the diary . Lots of changes including Planting Brassicae plants which I ordered in from 'Cornish Cabbage' and the sowing of Garlic an wasn't so keen on Heligan apart from their veg garden. Triboh was fantastic . Also visited houses. The Highlight was Jamaica Inn the setting for Daphne Du Maurier's book 'Jamaica Inn' Purchased two of her books.
I have been preparing soil for horse manure which is due to arrive soon . I am still harvesting a lot of vegetables including Cucumbers which are still growing outside! Dug out some soil in one of the  beds in back polytunnel and replaced it with new soil . I transplanted some cauliflower seedlings in the greenhouse and sowed some salad in the raised bed.

 10th October
I removed the middle path that separated the larger section from the smaller section on the upper plot . It was a risk factor. Easy to stumble on .

16thNovember 2019
Rotavated one of my plots yesterday and a fellow plot holders. Gradually removing Tomatoes from the polytunnel. . I will refill the beds with new compost and manure.

Yesterday turned my compost pile . Moved the box to a new position and turned  the compost in , Filled half a wheelbarrow with compost. I also worked on the communal compost box. Sowed some parsley in trays  in the greenhouse.
 26th  oct
Moved manure previously and dug up parsnips. I then dug over the soil. I have Brassica seedlings. I think that I need to change tack and add lime.

I haven't had time to update the blog , I have planted a new vine of edible grapes having removed the old vines and attempted to replant on the other side of the plot. . I have dug up the parsnips and Yacon, I transferred some brassica to inside the netted area.  I then dug over the area. There have been sowings in the greenhouse of peas. I turned over the compost
brought some compost from the raised bed that I had dug out of the compost box. I transplanted cauliflower plants into the cage and dismantled the netting and poles at the back of the polytunnel.

5th Today I dug up carrots turning over the soil at the same time. I had quite a  lot of carrots,

16 th Nov Haven't had time to update . I took a risk and planted some red cabbage seedlings. Yesterday and today cleared branches that were placed surreptitiously, on the compost boxes by the  raised beds . R and I managed to burn them . I reorganised the boxes and dug out five wheelbarrows of compost. Mowed in front of my lower plot and other communal areas. released the equivalent of tiger worms into the compost

25th November
Upset with my self with the limited Brassica I can do better. I have vowed to do better next year. I have been experimenting with sowing some things out of season and have them in a friends greenhouse who has heating. I am loathe to use paraffin if I can avoid it. I have a new compost box and yesterday I turned the compost. I have also introduced tiger worms into the compost. Sowed some spring onions in the polytunnel. A bit of a risk. I mowed the rotavator and mowers into the polytunnels for more protection.

27th November 2019
Yesterday I disinfected the greenhouse and emptied the unused pots and trays into wheelbarrows filled with water and disinfectant. Sowed a tray with onion seeds . A bit early but worth a try. Placed the tray in a friends greenhouse as he has electrics.
 12th December 2019
Despite not have written in the journal  I have been busy. I have sowed onion seed and broadbean seed which are in a friends greenhouse as he has electricity so I can provide heat.  I started off cabbage , cauliflower , brussels sprouts early as an experiment  . This is not the usual time to do this . I have pricked some out in pots as they were becoming a bit 'leggy' .
I have also dug potato trenches early on the top plot. I have taken the soil to the top part of the plot to raise to level it out.

18th December 2019
Potted up some seedlings and returned them to a fellow plotholders heated greenhouse.

19th December 2019
Took out compost from the compost boxes at the end of The raised beds. I left the wheelbarrow with the contents by the first raised bed and sent an email to FHS that it's for whoever wants. . Transferred contents of my own compost boxes to the new compost box . Shovelled out the compost that was ready and tipped it on the top plot. Started my rotavator and mower to see they were working. The rotavator started immediately. The mower took longer after I checked the spark plug and added a bit more petrol.
Slip onto my bottom when walking down a path so emptied chippings in two places as it's a risk. Checked seedlings and added a slight enhancer : chicken pellets to see if it will help growth.

23rd December 2019
I carried out some jobs on site . I sowed in the Green house onion seed and onion sets in pots. I don't usually do that. Moved the stand which;holds the pots and trays. after having moved the water butts.

31 rst December
I have been onsite every few days including today. Mostly maintenance . I did however clear some of the plot belonging to the chap whose greenhouse I am using as he has heating in his which I don't have in mine, Amazingly I managed to burn some branches in the fire area despite the drizzle . I have also done some edging around the top plot. Obviously one can grow Brassica seedlings earlier . They are not growing particularly but they seem to be stable. it was a bit of a gamble to start so early contrary to standard advice. I have also been testing the soil which I have not done so before. So far it's showing alkaline to neutral.
7th January 2021
Continued digging out compost from the compost heap by the raised beds. Left the wheelbarrows for people to take . I have been trying to burn branches  in the fire area , Not so easy because of the damp.
Having read about someone taking kale side shoots and potting them up and that they rooted . I thought I would try it.

12th January 2020
I have been too busy to log in but I have been busy. Yesterday repainted the frame that surrounds the lower plot with wood preserver. Today dug to more trenches for potatoes. Sowed a tray of aubergine. A bit early but the literature talks of their need for a long season,

15th January2020
Yesterday organized a net supported by poles over the strawberries.

16th January 2020
Finding the Udemy online course on drip irrigation very good . Today brought chippings for the path behind the polytunnel. I dug over the area behind the polytunnels as I discovered potato slips peeping through despite having dug the area before. I emptied wheelbarrows full of compost on the same area

23rd January 2020
A few days ago one of  the neighbouring plotholders asked for help clearing metal from the plot as she can only come on weekends I cleared it all and then invited in a scrap metal person to collect it.
Today cleared a path through rottinkg chippings in the communal compound to enable fresh deliveries. I have also been trying to arrange a delivery of compost made from green waste.
Planted out onion sets that I had been growing out in  pots and have rooted,,,I tried not to stand on the soil but kept sliding off the board. Sowed some trays of a sweet onion seed and placed them a heated greenhouse belonging to a fellow plotholder.

27th January 2020
I have been busy since the last entry . Decidedly unprofessional I dug over an area inside the cage and incorporated plant food . I then planted some small brussels sprout. Early but milder than in the past . I thought I would try. If it doesn't take off I have more plants. I did stand on boards but kept sliding off.
I have been steadily clearing out the chippings compound to make way for fresh chippings . I have also been looking into delivery of compost made from recycled waste.
Did some potting of Sarmash Flat  Cabbage and pricked out onion seedling. I have decided to keep them in the cold greenhouse to make room . I sowed Indian aubergine and took it to the greenhouse with heating. I also lit a fire in the fire area to burn what had been left there .
4th February 2020
I haven't been writing much as I have been sowing and doing some maintenance and clearance. I also ordered a skip for rubbish..

I have started sowing including tomatoes which can be delayed to March . Primarily because I wanted to try grafting. I now have trays in two greenhouses which have a heat source plus my own which is without heat . I have potted up onion sets . to encourage them to produce a leaf before planting . I usuallysow them straight into the soil. more to try a different method.



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