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Sunday, 31 March 2013

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The State of the Nation
It is not ususally my practice to make social/political comments on this blog nor do i want commnts back because I will not enter into any dialogue. You take it or leave it. In the general humdrum of life it is easy to get wrapped up in our personal 'stuff and not see what is going on around us. When I look around me I see people on the streets. I see people needing to go to food banks . I see people struggling to make ends meet becuse they don't recceive a decent living wage. I see an NHS in dire straits. A train system in chaos since privitization. Detaining people who have contributed on a nonsense. A chaotic brexit process causing a brain drain and companies wanting to move elsewhere. A government trying to gain non democratic powers yet even now shows it's incompetence.
The list is endless
However at least even if we don't always have the opportunity to influence the major process at least to take time to look around us to see how we influence around us.
There are organisations such as St Mungos‎  you might want to consider a doation.
if your budget allows.
Take a  look at  'What's happening on the vegetable plot. Don't forget to click 'more' to see the rest.
There are now new pages on this blog. By clicking on the pages link on the right hand side (half way down) you will find a variety of articles.
Page 1 Provides a brief introduction to the editor and an article by the editor on fish keeping

Page 2a
Paul has kindly allowed me to reprint articles from his website however I recommend going to see the full range of interesting articles. See address below.
Yet again the versatile Paul Brecher has surprised us with a Brand New Article called the Anomaly of The Meridians . As I found this article so fascinating I have created a new page 2a where you can find this most extraordinary article  Paul runs a variety of courses and you only need go to his website:
Page 3
On Page 3 there is an article by Paul Brecher. my Teacher, which is an introduction to the martial art of Pa Kua Chang.
A new article by Paul Brecher has been added to page 3 The Wooden Man Form. For more information on this please contact Paul.
For those wanting a different perspective  an article on food and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been added. If you go to Paul's site you can now find new additions  to purchase books on Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine
 These have been reprinted by kind Permission of the author. These articles and more can be found on his website:  You will also find information about his classes.
Paul also teaches a no nonsense methods of dealing with difficult violent situations. For more information look at this website.
I have just added a link to The Pau Chui , Cannon fist performed by Paul brecher
Paul brecher has also published a number of books. Two of these can be found on page 3. Go to his website for more details and to see a great deal of fascinating material.
The following link: 

The link above is an explanation of the origins of taiji from Wutang 700 years ago..
This will give a 'taster'.

Paul's classes are stimulating and hard work an a way to really 'get to know who you are'. Paul will ask you what you want . He will teach qigung and the Taiji form if preferred.  . Together with that there is great comradeship in the class and a desire to assist people to enjoy the 'voyage of discovery'. Paul has also introduced his perception of Wing Chun. and explains the links

Page 5: Contains articles by the blog author. The latest is: The secrets of Drip irrigation.

Page 6
I have added a new page showing some of the paintings of Matan Peles , a resident of a community for adults with learning difficulties on Kibbutz mahanayim, Upper Gailee, Israel.

I recommend looking at these photos which can be purchased online. Every painting purchased is more support for the community. You can see more of his paintings  on their  url:   The site is in Hebrew but there is a translate button on the right hand side.
Under this article there is an article explaining The Israeli Kibbutz

Page 7 contains
an article by Morris Solovitz taken (by kind permission) from his blog: The Bilateralist. which discusses recent and historical events in Israel.
A variety of articles are posted on my blog they do not necessarily reflect the blog author's view

Page 8 There is an explanation of the Shaw Trust, a Horticultural Project for Adult with learning difficulties.
A brand new page has been added 'Poems by Mark Shuck' .  Anyone who has been troubled by squirrels in the garden will surely relate to the first in a series.

More articles wanted on a variety of subjects. I hold the right to refuse articles I consider
inappropriate and likely to cause offence.

Go to the following link to watch my neices Tanya and Lauren Seifert performing a beautiful performance of pole dancing

On the Plot and the Rest

Metal shield in the background is designated area for burning
other interests 
Photos from other years. Things can only get better.
30th April 2018
There has been a break in the log but I have been busy onsite. I can't mention everything  Yesterday I planted Brussels sprouts . The theory goes not to treas on wet /damp soil but brussels Sprouts like firm ground. I also planted Oca despite the recommendation to sow later. They were sprouting even the ones I found still in the ground from last year which tells me they are hardier than the  information indicates..Yesterday planted some Armenian Cucumber plants in the polytunnel.  I have also been spreading chippings on the paths.  
7th May 2018
Potted up some Sweet potato slips to plant outside later in the month. Pricked out tomato seedlings and potted them up . On the lower plot planted out sweetcorn and more cabbage plants in the unfinished brassica cage. The suggestion for planting sweetcorn in the Brassica cage was made by friend R as they are prone to squirrel attack. Fitted an overhead water system in the polytunnel but only to cool it  down. Generally not a good idea for watering melons and cucumbers. I am considering a drip system. Spread more chippings on the path and mowed the front of the lower plot and the lower carpark. It was a learning for me that I have to really do a better job of digging out potatoes because discovered more potato self sets in the onion patch. I weeded them out. At least I have a few more potatoes from last year. Sorted out my wife's raised vegetable bed. It was ina  bit of a mess from the week away

Yesterday  sowed 'quick' crops  in between the potato crops . Put in a drip pipe in the new polytunnel on the melons and cucumbers to see how they respond. Repotted and sowed in the greenhouse

10th May 2018
The rain hindered more extensive work but managed to clear and stack pots that had held Brassicae plants > Laid a ground cover where I will later plant sweet potato. Dug over a patch behind the polytunnel and brought down compost to cover the area Found two seakale plants . The rest were decimated, I replanted them elsewhere
21rst May 2018
I have been too busy to update . I have been busy sowing salad  and have planted Kale seedlings which i purchase Though i sowed my own I wanted to start some off myself . Some of the brassica sown outside in 'nursery beds didn't germinate. I have planted sweet potato which is new crop for  me. I also sowed in a tray 'water Spinach 'from China which has germinated. Brazilian Giant Cucumber  seed had also germinated. I am not happy with the growth rate of my tomatoes in the greenhouse. I have to look at that. Helped my wife sort out her raised bed.

24th May 2018
I have been working with a group giving advice on growing vegetables from the local U3A / I have been levelling out the entrance to the greenhouse and am also moving the pond as it is a bit risk in it's present position. I have also planted out more tomatoes. Installed drip irrigation in the polytunnels and outside.

25th May 2018
I visited the plot of S and F who are of Chinese (Hong Kong) background) I learnt a lot. Sowed Peas to provide pea shoots. and two plants given to me by F on the top plot  after moving the compost box. Finished lengthening the path into the greenhouse with the intention of laying slabs. Previously it was not very safe. Had to change the tyre on my wheellbarrow. I have taken tomato plants to lower plot for planting out.