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The photo shows the garden in early May 2013

Monday, 9 February 2015

Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Pages

Take a  look at  'What's happening on the vegetable plot. Don't forget to click 'more' to see the rest.

There are now new pages on this blog. By clicking on the pages link on the right hand side (half way down) you will find a variety of articles.
Page 1 Provides a brief introduction to the editor and an article by the editor on fish keeping
On Page 1a  please note this page has been changed and will be used for summaries of exhibitions and films. An article can be found on this page by John Boyd on one of the most recent exhibitions at the British Library on the Power  and uses of Propaganda.
A variety of articles are posted on my blog they do not necessarily reflect the blog author's views. .
Go to page 2 There are articles by John Boyd on Democracy and the EU and a video on the subject..
I have just added a statement by the campaign against Euro- federalism

Page 2a
Yet again the versatile Paul Brecher has surprised us with a Brand New Article called the Anomaly of The Meridians . As I found this article so fascinating I have created a new page 2a where you can find this most extraordinary article  Paul runs a variety of courses and you only need go to his website:
Page 3
On Page 3 there is an article by Paul Brecher. my instructor, which is an introduction to the martial art of Pa Kua Chang.
A new article by Paul Brecher has been added to page 3 The Wooden Man Form. For more information on this please contact Paul.
For those wanting a different perspective  an article on food and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been added. If you go to Paul's site you can now find new additions  to purchase books on Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine
 These have been reprinted by kind Permission of the author. These articles and more can be found on his website:  You will also find information about his classes.
Paul also teaches a no nonsense methods of dealing with difficult violent situations. For more information look at this website.
I have just added a link to The Pau Chui , Cannon fist performed by Paul brecher
Paul brecher has also published a number of books. Two of these can be found on page 3. Go to his website for more details and to see a great deal of fascinating material.

Page 5: Contains articles by the blog author. The latest is: The secrets of Drip irrigation.

Page 6
I have added a new page showing some of the paintings of Matan Peles , a resident of a community for adults with learning difficulties on Kibbutz mahanayim, Upper Gailee, Israel.

I recommend looking at these photos which can be purchased online. Every painting purchased is more support for the community. You can see more of his paintings  on their  url:   The site is in Hebrew but there is a translate button on the right hand side.
Under this article there is an article explaining The Israeli Kibbutz
Page 8 There is an explanation of the Shaw Trust, a Horticultural Project for Adult with learning difficulties.
A brand new page has been added 'Poems by Mark Shuck' .  Anyone who has been troubled by squirrels in the garden will surely relate to the first in a series.

More articles wanted on a variety of subjects. I hold the right to refuse articles I consider
inappropriate and likely to cause offence.

On the Plot

 Many entries have been erased as I have found that the page can't hold so many entries

11th feb
Cleared the cabbage patch on the new plot. The heads were small but ok. Sowed some Tomato seed.
13th February 2016
I spread Lime
 on the new area  by the fence to raise the PH as I intend to put Brassicaes in that area. I went on to plant shallot sets and Garlic cloves on the new plot. I covered the planted area to deter birds as they have a habit of pulling out the sets. When they start to sprout
Plot was taken over two years ago,. This year the bigger section already has Winter sown Onion, Shallots, Garlic.

20th Februay
Put up a frame to shield the  greenhouse door from the wind. I will grow sweet peas or other up it. Sowed more seed leeks, courgettes. (I will give them protection if planted out early and there is a risk of frost).. I dug the first trench for potatoes. I will dig more and  line them with manure..

28th Feb 2016
The potato trenches are finished. Manure has been spread and in some places 'turned in with a fork'. Manure was also put in the bottom of the potato trenches and the runner bean trench. I planted more Garlic. The greenhouse is very full and some seedlings are coming through at a lower temperature than the seed companies recommend. When the cabbage and Brussels Sprouts are large enough I will move them to a lower temperature .
8th March 2016
I have added new shelving and trays of brassicae have been moved. Gradually I will phase out the heat. At the moment it is extremely cold. I added  a second heater to the greenhouse.
The school where I work voluntarily is intending to purchase a greenhouse. I have offered to install drip irrigation to cover the summer holidays. I will connect it to the drip system I installed on their raised beds. Sowed some passion seed I took out of fruit we purchased.
16th March 2016
This is a catchup entry.
I have sowed parsnips and carrots outside expecting the weather to warm up. It seems weather forecasts are not so reliable. I covered the rows with fleece. I have sowed more tomatoes and other in the greenhouse. I will soon transplant some tomatoes and cabbage to pots. I discovered a leak in the school garden coming from an underground pipe leading to three raised beds. I suspect the person who laid them didn't insulate them. It will mean digging down. I have ordered some connections and I will try and put some insulation on the pipe...I have been giving guidance to a friend in Israel as to how to sow and grow Parsnips. It seems it is not something that is common there.
                  18th march 2016
I previously mention a leak in underground pipes leading to the raised beds with drip irrigation. It took some digging to find the pipes and to remove the bricks. The whole thing was put in a very strange way an the 'installers' used a simple above ground three way connector. It is now working. I returned the tools and sowed some Melon seed taken from Galia Melon.

22nd march 2016
Yesterday I planted main crop potatoes.I also transplanted cabbage seedlings.
Today, 23rd   March 2016 I spent time at the school checking that the timer is working. I also added more 12 mm drip to waters inside the
greenhouse  tent.........
27th March
Yesterday planted out onion seedlings. reorganized the greenhouse transferring trays of potted brassicae seedlings to the polytunnels and created a 'nursery bed' outside as I have masses of brassicae seedlings . I covered them with a net
31rst March 2016
Planted onion sets on the new plot. I have a nice harvest of Pak Choy in the oldest polytunnel. gave some to my brother in law and took some home. I will be sowing more. I may sow some outside soon as the weather in warming up. Having covered the new area near the fence with compost from recycled wasted I spread Lime as I have designated it for the Brassicae area. I will be sowing more seed in the Greenhouse and pricking out. I have some very unusual veg to sow. I also sprayed SB solution on all seedlings. This solution was recommended to me at Myddleton House as being very good against aphids and very good for the plant. It is not chemical based.  I took some tomato seedling and flat Cabbage seedlings to the school where I do voluntary work. I also fixed some leaks. I did talk to the irrigation company about it but their suggestion were not practical. I found an easier solution using Plasson connections. Despite that I still uphold that the Israeli drip irrigation is the best.
3rd April 2016.
Complications when turning on water at the allotment site. I believe there are airlocks in the system and some taps are not working. I think this may be also due to the water having been turned off outside the allotment gates for a long period. I have left it to the committee to deal with it; Parts of the site have full pressure.
Sowed more seed and onion sets.
7th April 2016.
The water situation has been sorted by someone who works for the council. I have sowed more pak choy in one of the polytunnels. Sowed outside a Japanese veg called GOJO seems to be somewhat like parsnip and some lettuce seed and other PakChoy. I hope the weather picks up. Sowed some long bean seed in pots in the greenhouse. I have never tried them before. Apparently they are better growing indoors.
19th April 2016
Lots of things have happened. One of the main highlight was planting out flat cabbage which I grew from seed. I have Brussels Sprouts to plant out but waiting for a large net that I ordered. Planted asparagus in a trench which was covered over. Because of the bout of cold weather germination is slow out side. I may have to resow.
26th April
Brussels Sprouts have been planted and new net placed. Have had a bout of 'tennis elbow' not that I play tennis but it has held me up some what. I have ordered some unusual types of cucumber seed.
 28th April 2016
I actually purchased purple sprouting broccoli plants as with all the sowing in the greenhouse I was short on space and couldn't do all that I wanted. I also purchased onion sets  and Kale seed. Nero Di Toscana and curly Kale. I planted the purple sprouting broccoli  in the new area
I dibbed in the onion sets. I decided to sow the Kale in trays rather than outside. due to the changeable weather .
Finished by edging part of the new plot
30 th April
Planted leek seedlings outside and sowed a Bangladeshi spinach . Planted some of my tomato seedlings in the greenhouse and new polytunnel. I also sowed runner beans in pots. A bit late but I need to fill in the trench meant for runner beans with recycled compost  and that needs time to cool down as it arrives steaming. I was pleased to hear on Israel TV last night that there is an idea to introduce the scheme there.                            
5th April 2016
Lots of changes. Amongst other things I have planted out Oca, New Zealand Yam. Sowed Thai Water Spinach,Carrots. etc., I have sowed a lot of things in the greenhouse. I have taken apart and burnt the old frame which had  'passed it's sell by date..    
7th April 2016
Amongst   . I put together the new compost bin  Planted Sweet Potato in the polytunnels  and outsi. Plante out courgettes.
13th May 2016
Lots of changes. I can't always mention them because of the time factor and there are a lot so I will mention a few. I have mentioned previously that I do voluntary work in a primary school. in their garden. A mix of things. Sometimes I work with the children and other times it's various in the garden. The garden has raised beds. Sometime ago I changed around their irrigation system which was soaker hoses to drip irrigation. Recently I dealt with an underground leak which took some hours. The original installation was poorly done. Yesterday I changed some of the inlets to the beds which were originally supplied by the irrigation company to Plasson connections and I put in inline taps to three beds so they can be turned off separately as the system works on a timer..
On my plots I have done a lot of things and I can't possibly list them all but I have just planted sweet potato plugs and I am hoeing up potatoes.                                                                                    ,,                 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Something about Tanya Seifert. Tanya is a rising star in the world of music.  Tanya is a graduate of Queen Mary College, London University where she studied film and literature.
If you would like to book her for an event please go to her website:
Tanya also teaches intensive English to foreign students. To know more please contact her directly on

To see Tanya performing go to:   If you can't get to it here just post the link into your address bar.
There will soon be an update concerning Tanya's various performances.

Tanya has a new record out to listen to it go to Utube and key in; Tanya Seifert, Siren.


Monday, 10 January 2011

Scenes from Vietnam Taken on our visit

The Scenes in this slide show are a mix of Kua Lalumpur and Vietnam.
We visited Vietnam in 2009 with some friends. That visit left a profound impression and a deep respect for the people. The effects of what they call 'The American War' can still be seen. Ironically the socalled 'greatest power on earth were not able to subdue this 'peasant people' even with the ghastly methods used. Vietnam has never, to my knowledge, been compensated by the US government.

There are some scenes of the presidential palace. Ho Chi Minh went there to receive foriegn guests but chose to live in a simple abode. The pictures of the bird sanctuary were taken in Malaysia.


Scenes from Vietnam

We visited Vietnam in 2009 with some friends. That visit left a profound impression and a deep respect for the people. The effects of what they call 'The American War' can still be seen. Ironically the socalled 'greatest power on earth were not able to subdue this 'peasant people' even with the ghastly methods used. Vietnam has never, to my knowledge, been compensated by the US government.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Thought for the day

Confucius – “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”