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The photo shows the garden in early May 2013

Sunday, 31 March 2013

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There are now new pages on this blog. By clicking on the pages link on the right hand side (half way down) you will find a variety of articles.
Page 1 Provides a brief introduction to the editor and an article by the editor on fish keeping
On Page 1a  please note this page has been changed and will be used for summaries of exhibitions and films. An article can be found on this page by John Boyd on one of the most recent exhibitions at the British Library on the Power  and uses of Propaganda.
Go to page 2 There are articles by John Boyd on Democracy and the EU and a video on the subject..
I have just added a statement by the campaign against Euro- federalism
A variety of articles are posted on my blog they do not necessarily reflect the blog author's views.

Page 2a
Yet again the versatile Paul Brecher has surprised us with a Brand New Article called the Anomaly of The Meridians . As I found this article so fascinating I have created a new page 2a where you can find this most extraordinary article  Paul runs a variety of courses and you only need go to his website:
Page 3
On there is an article by Paul Brecher. my instructor, which is an introduction to the martial art of Pa Kua Chang.
A new article by Paul Brecher has been added to page 3 The Wooden Man Form. For more information on this please contact Paul.
For those wanting a different perspective  an article on food and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been added. If you go to Paul's site you can now find new additions  to purchase books on Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine
 These have been reprinted by kind Permission of the author. These articles and more can be found on his website:  You will also find information about his classes. You will also find out about Paul's new class on a Thursday which emphasizes fighting aspects.
There is now a new article by kind permission of Paul Brecher. This article can also be found on his website.
I have just added a link to The Pau Chui , Cannon fist performed by Paul brecher
Paul brecher has also published a number of books. Two of these can be found on page 3. Go to his website for more details and to see a great deal of fascinating material.

Page 5: Contains articles by the blog author. The latest is: The secrets of Drip irrigation.

Page 6
I have added a new page showing some of the paintings of Matan Peles , a resident of a community for adults with learning difficulties on Kibbutz mahanayim, Upper Gailee, Israel.

I recommend looking at these photos which can be purchased online. Every painting purchased is more support for the community. You can see more of his paintings  on their  url:   The site is in Hebrew but there is a translate button on the right hand side. I  am intending visiting the community in October and will write an article with photos. More can be seen on page 6.
Under this article there is an article explaining The Israeli Kibbutz
Page 8 There is an explanation of the Shaw Trust, ap
More articles wanted on a variety of subjects. I hold the right to refuse articles I consider inappropriate and likely to cause offence.

On the Plot

 Many entries have been erased as I have found that the page can't hold so many entries
10th November 2015,
This has been a time for clearing and weeding. I did also rearrange the greenhouse. Yesterday despite the soft earth I weeded between the onions and edged  the sides. 
20th November. 2015
With the strong winds that we had I found the  door of the greenhouse on the ground with the panes out and another roof pane out. I managed to return them and now have more butterfly clips which I shall add to strengthen the panes. I also dug up all the parsnips as I wanted the ground clear to spreard compost made from waste which is due to arrive on the site quite soon. I also have seaweed extract which I will try on the soil and in compost.
24th November 2015
Today I waited for a delivery of 14 ton of compost which arrived. Before that I harvested the oca  and  collected the tops for compost.. I also cleared some of the Radish patch as there were some black radish types which I could only think they are black Spanish Radish.. I moved a large number of wheelbarrow loads.
29th November 2015
I ordered some 'show' onion seeds (which have been bred for larger size). I will sow them in December in the greenhouse. I may even add another heater during the initial period. I also sowed lettuce seed and oriental salad in a 'low' raised bed. This is definitely not a guaranteed success. I added ,beforehand, compost from gro bags which has proved to be helpful in inducing germination rather than using other combinations. I can't explain why this is the case other than what is added to the compost.
1rst December 2015
Apart from the usual maintenance I pulled out quite a lot of the Tree cabbage to make way for a trench for runner beans which I will fill with green stuff, manure and gradually fill in. I  weeded a  patch of Brussels Sprouts. I saw some premature sprouts even though the plants are small. My thoughts are that this may be due to the fact that they were planted late and that there is some inner biological clock sending a message to produce. I have yet to see.
This last week has been taken up with moving compost (made from recycled waste) and adding more layers, harvesting and sowing. I have sowed a considerable number of 'prize' onions. When the time comes for planting out I will provide larger spaces as I would like to produce huge specimens. I have yet to spread manure. Besides onions I sowed Broadbean seeds in pots. I also planted oca tubers in pots. I ordered some unusual seed to try for 2016 including Samphire which grows by the sea and a replacement for Parsnip
19th December
This week I spent time clearing the leftover compost made from recycled waste. Today I transplanted some onion seedlings, Bedfordshire Champion and gave the remainder away to someone who helped me set fire to a pile of branches and wood. After consulting with the contractor building the new fence I cut a section of the old picket fence in order to clear behind it as

22nd December 2015
I removed another piece  of the old  fence  and carried out some more clearance and started to dig. I tried starting a fire in the .fire  area without success as the wind was too strong..
2nd January  I have finished removing the old fence.
20th January 2016
The area near the fence has been dug over once, It will need to be dug over a few times and rotovated
29th January 2016
I have finished digging over the area near the fence for a second time. Yesterday I sowed some tomato seed in the greenhouse. The greenhouse has been rearranged as I will soon need a lot of space. I have also spent time cleaning the larger labels for marking rows. I have also nearly finished burning the old fence
9th  February 2016
It's been a while since I last wrote but I have been extremely busy on site. I have tried to get a new load of chippings and checked that the compost is coming on time. I realize that I am going to have to dig the area near the fence for a third time despite the rotavating. I did make a start.
I planted some asparagus in a trenches. I was hoping to line it with manure but for the moment it seems not to be happening.  I may order in my own as I feel it's been going on for too long.
I have done quite a bit of transplanting onion seedlings into pots and sowing tomatoes and some flat cabbage. I have added extra shelving in the greenhouse. I brought three Georgian women to see the allotment. despite my explanations I doubt they really understood the significance of working without chemicals and what it does to the environment and ourselves. though I am not a complete purist I ddo use slug pellets.
I dug over the new area near the fence again. In parts I used the device seen in the photo. It speeds up the work though it just doesn't cope with things stuck in the soil or wet areas. In order to use it one presses the lever at the back and it flicks the soil forward. .

11th feb
Cleared the cabbage patch on the new plot. The heads were small but ok. Sowed some Tomato seed.
13th February 2016
I spread Lime
 on the new area  by the fence to raise the PH as I intend to put Brassicaes in that area. I went on to plant shallot sets and Garlic cloves on the new plot. I covered the planted area to deter birds as they have a habit of pulling out the sets. When they start to sprout  I will remove the net. In the greenhouse I sowed two lots of tomato seed and red cabbage. See left over from last year to see if it will germinate as it's old seed.                                                                                                                     ,