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The photo shows the garden in early May 2013

Sunday, 31 March 2013

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There are now new pages on this blog. By clicking on the pages link on the right hand side (half way down) you will find a variety of articles.
Page 1 Provides a brief introduction to the editor and an article by the editor on fish keeping
On Page 1a  please note this page has been changed and will be used for summaries of exhibitions and films. A new article can be found on this page by John Boyd on one of the most recent exhibitions at the British Library on the Power  and uses of Propaganda.
Go to page 2 There are articles by John Boyd on Democracy and the EU and a video on the subject..
I have just added a statement by the campaign against Euro- federalism
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Yet again the versatile Paul Brecher has surprised us with a Brand New Article called the Anomaly of The Meridians . As I found this article so fascinating I have created anew page 2a where you can find this most extraordinary article  Paul runs a variety of courses and you only need go to his website:
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On there is an article by Paul Brecher. my instructor, which is an introduction to the martial art of Pa Kua Chang.
A new article by Paul Brecher has been added to page 3 The Wooden Man Form. For more information on this please contact Paul.
 These have been reprinted by kind Permission of the author. These articles and more can be found on his website:  You will also find information about his classes.
There is now a new article by kind permission of Paul Brecher. This article can also be found on his website.
I have just added a link to The Pau Chui , Cannon fist performed by Paul brecher
Paul brecher has also published a number of books. Two of these can be found on page 3. Go to his website for more details and to see a great deal of fascinating material.

Page 4 Photos from our recent trip to Berlin

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I have added a new page showing some of the paintings of Matan Peles , a resident of a community for adults with learning difficulties on Kibbutz mahanayim, Upper Gailee, Israel.

I recommend looking at these photos which can be purchased online. Every painting purchased is more support for the community. You can see more of his paintings  on their  url see the link on page 6
Under this article there is an article explaining The Israeli Kibbutz

More articles wanted on a variety of subjects. I hold the right to refuse articles I consider inappropriate and likely to cause offence.

On the Plot

 Many entries have been erased as I have found that the page will not hold a large amount of information.
When the year ends I will erase this years entries completely.

14 th Sept 2014
I have been away for five days on a trip to the Padua (Padova) area, Italy. An organized trip to see Villas Gardens. The highlight for me was a garden Le Paradis des Papillions Their blog is:  well worth a look. 
Today amongst other things I dug out the sweet corn though some had been attacked by squirrels I can't complain. A Japanese pointed out that I had some Japanese squash. I gave her one. She has given me quite a lot of seed and I have returned many to her as seedlings and kept a few back to try. I can't possibly keep up with all my activities though at least it gives a flavour.
30th September 2014
I had to do some catching up having been away particularly with weeding. I took out the rotovator and rotovated some areas on the first plot. Garlic was sown on one of the areas rotovated including Elephant garlic. I gapped up some young kale plants at the front of the plot to make more room. Not something one should do but I am prepared to take chances. I sowed various new things in the new polytunnel such as shisu a Japanese vegetable. I am prepare to take chances as cucumber and tomato plants are removed gradually even with the low light levels at this time of year.  I have some boards coming to raise the level of the first plot and I have decided to turn  over an area on the new area to grow dahlias next year.

17th oct 2014
I have been so busy even now to find time to write. Today I did some serious clearing of one of the polytunnels and sowed salad plus some other things such as propping up pepper plants. I read somewhere that they have a capacity to be perennials. I have also noticed some tomatoes grow back the following year! With another plotholder painted the first coat on boards 10 of which will go round my first plot.
Sowed almost two hundred onion sets and then covered them with a net against birds pecking at them . Once the green stem shows I remove the net. Sowed some cabbage seed and cress in the greenhouse.
21rst October\; The boards to make up the raised bed are now spaced around the plot. Pruned the most vigorous grape vine. Today I did quite a bit of clearing of the first tunnel and planted onion seedling, cauliflower and sowed lettuce. weeded the brassicae section on the second plot and dug up some Parsnip which were a good size including a huge one.
7th Nov 2014
It's been a while since my last post. A lot has happened. I took out a lot of seedling onions that seem to have been affected by something and had gone limp. I resowed sets on the new plot after preparing the soil. I had spread and dug in a fair amount of horse manure. I have also been sowing salad in the polytunnels . There was a sharp frost yesterday and the cucamelons (experimenting with out of season sowing). were affected. I lit the heater and have order another one for the new polytunnel. I am having difficulty loading photos on this blog so I have loaded some on facebook.

8th Nov 2014
I have cut down the Dahlias and collected the corms. Despite some of the setbacks from the frost salad is coming through in the polytunnels. I sowed some more carrots this time in a pot and the back of the new tunnel. Again a bit of experimenting with low light levels. Transplanted lots more red cabbage seedlings in the  green house. I now have a heater for the new polytunnel.

21rst November 2014
These days I can't seem to get round to updating the blog even though a lot has changed on the plot . A lot of clearances, A wooden frame has been erected , with the help of R,
 around my first plot . It has shortened my plot a bit and I am having reservations whether to do it on my other plots and it is an expensive way of doing things . The cost of the boards and the nails. Now that I have seen how to do it. I will also put in a path through the middle when I obtain two more boards. I have sowed various in the polytunnels and I have paraffin heaters both in the greenhouse .
23rd November 2014
The day was just non stop rain until the evening. I went to the site because of a frost warning. I wanted to check the heaters. Water was pouring down part of the new plot into the back half of the Greenhouse. It was flowing via a trench I had dug for Runner Beans. Not a clever move. I have learned from that. I worked fast to fill it in and managed to divert the water also by digging shallow trenches and creating a higher level around the greenhouse using wood chippings. I managed to divert the flow. I continued this morning 24th Nov I brought more chippings and also dug trenches which I shall fill with shingle. On a positive note salad is doing well in the new polytunnel. I have also been clearing the parsnip area amongst other things.
26th November.
I cleared a row of radish on the new plot turning the soil as I went. I went onto work on the communal  compost box and drew out some compost for my plot which I haven't spread  yet

5th December 2014
The other day finished one side of a central path which will run through plot No 1 using boards and now waiting for more boards. Waiting now is the name of the game as I am also waiting for a delivery of compost made from recycled waste. In preparation I cleared an area and dug up a lot of carrots and even more parsnips. I also cleared weeds in the process. I then rotavated  the area. I also planted some lettuce seedlings I had been growing in a large pot in the greenhouse and the new polytunnel. Next episode soon
8th December 2014,
I was starting to suffer from what turned out to be a torn muscle and ligament. This started in 'of all places', the Asda car park trying to do a limbo dance or in other words squeeze in and out of my car which was in a tight parking space next to a large vehicle. I felt my leg react as I got in with my new work boots . I shifted compost made from recycled waste. I worked from 11 am  until into the dark. I left at 16:40. After that I was in a bad way and even used crutches at one point. Yesterday11th  I went to the allotment and hobbled about a bit.. checked the heaters. Shifted some compost which R had dumped on my first plot but in the wrong place. I did this gently so as to not aggravate my foot and leg which is getting stronger all the time. I sowed some Kelsai Onion seeds and then put a sheet of glass over  the tray. I also gathered all the Parsnips and some Carrots and placed them in a barrel which has sand in it> will try and find some straw to cover them. I shall go tomorrow and check on things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
                      21rst December 2014
Rearranged the greenhouse today to make the potting table more accessible and continued sow. Today I sowed Pak Choy in a seed tray. All part of my ongoing  trials to see what I can sow out of seasons.  So far even with the low light levels I am seeing germination. Such as carrots and radish, salad etc.,. I cleared most of my wife's raised bed and harvested some fennel.

25th December 2014
Despite the Christmas preparations I felt the urge to go to the allotment. I checked the heaters in the greenhouse in the polytunnels and the greenhouse and then cleared much of the new plot taking out the Tree Cabbage which could continue on to next year. They looked unsightly and during the winter they don't produce leaves. They just stand there with thick trunks. For those who are not familiar. Tree Cabbage do not produce a head. the leaves are picked. I also pulled out Brussels Sprouts which had small sprouts. All of that was taken to the communal compost bin as I prefer to keep mine for green stuff that will break down faster. I started to turn over the soil and in the process harvested remaining \Beetroot.
I wish everyone a lovely festive season

3rd January 2015,
I have been on site a number of times I just haven't recorded. I also need to check the seed trays in the greenhouse and the heaters. I am rather surprised how well the seed trays are doing with such low light levels. I wasn't onsite for the last two days and I felt despite the heavy rain from time to time I had to do something. Amongst other things I pulled out more metal panels that run along the front of the new plot. It meant digging down quite deep. I was almost shoulder level with the main path. As  I dug I discovered metal poles. I can't understand what posses people to do that. I went on to plant two Raspberry plants and one Blackberry plant which I purchased for a £1 each! I spread manure around them and knocked poles in between them and between the two fruit trees. With those I pruned the tops and tied side branches to a central wire as I want to limit height and train the branches. I water sporadically and did in the greenhouse and polytunnels. That is all for now.
12th January 2015,
I was  out of circulation for a bit due to a cold and then a follow on cough for which I am taking anti biotics. I have been back to the plot to do little jobs like checking the heaters, sowing. I add additional shelving to the greenhouse to accommodate more seed trays including some summer cabbage. I sowed some radish into the polytunnel soil. I am amazed how easily certain seed just sprouts at this time of year particularly in the greenhouse. I covered some of the remaining radicchio that are outside to see if they would form chicory like heads. I also removed the remaining row of rocket. Adjusted nets which had blown off in the wind. Thanks go to J and E for checking all the facilities.
19th January 2015
Though I haven't added to the blog I have been down recently. I don't often see people about at this time. I feel a need to check heaters in the greenhouse
I have such things as Kelsai Onion, various salad  In the polytunnel there are small patches of salad, , There are small jobs so they don't mount up. The day before I turned the communal compost boxes and took out rotted compost. As I am the only person who manages it I feel I have the right to take the finished product..
30thJanuary 2015
It is cold out there but I have visited the site every few days though the last few days I have been there every few days. The seeds in the greenhouse are germinating extremely well. I pricked out some the Kelsai onion seedlings into pots. The Cabbage and Red are sowing. I have sowed other things including tomatoes. Perhaps a bit early but I do have the indoor facilities. The other day when it wasn't as cold I worked on the new plot and pulled out more metal that had been left by a previous plotholder along the front of the plot. I felt it served no purpose. It meant digging deep and a fair amount of sweat. Other than that I have gradually been taking  chippings down to the first plot to recover the path,  Talk soon