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Sunday, 31 March 2013

On the Plot and the Rest

 Many entries have been erased as I have found that the page can't hold so many entries
2nd Sept 2017
Edged  the top plot at the front of the veg cage. I am deliberating whether to move the veg cage after the delivery of manure or to purchase anew one which is expensive. I have spring cabbage which need planting on the lower plot.
Pulled out the remaining tomato plant from the greenhouse as I have enough down the bottom and started to sow greens and bunching onions. Another melon appeared in the lower polytunnel.

18th September 2017
Have been too busy to update and we had guests staying so it was about getting as much done in shorter periods of time. Have just planted spring cabbage which i grew from seed. They were growing out of their pots.

19th September 2017
Planted Spring cabbage plants a few days ago which were coming out of pots s they were so big. Covered with  temporary net.
Yesterday I had a triler load of horse manure delivered to The lower plot. I hae spread most of it. Took out Berllotti beans and canes to make room and we hardly used them; I won't grow them next year. I now need to either rotovate or dig in Manure. I try to do everything within moderation as I am still recovering from a shoulder injury. Though it is not easy as there are lots of jobs at this time of.

2oth September 2017
Plot rotovated and raked. I have started to sow onion sets (which grow over the winter) . Radar and have yet to put in Japanese Onions and Red Onions which I have. Took out Radish which had become too large and woody.
Need to look at brassicae area and decide whether to move covering framework or but a new framework or build one with assistance.  Together with that i will at some point do some mowing in the common parts in readiness for the official opening of The Piggery ' social area which has been adapted for disabled use. Due to be attended by the mayor and representatives from Tesco

21rst Sept 2017
Mowed common areas and a  few individual plots . I have removed some more spring cabbage in the cold frame. They are smaller . I may gie them away as I have alreay planted out enough. Sowed some red onions and covered all the onions sown with a net to stop birds pulling out the sets. Once they the green shoots come through I will remove the net. Brought some manure up to the top plot.

29th September 2017
Planning to erect a frame with a net over the bottom plot which would be a permanent fixture.Received the wood toay. Painted the timber  with preservative. Worked on top plot . clearing , plante lettuce seedlings and sowed radish  in  the greenhouse.

6th October2017
Cut down a tree outside the perimeter fence to give more light. It came down on the fencce with much of the tree on the plot. Had quite a job clearing. Cleared more ground ready for garlic at the back of the polytunnel. Moved a compost box . In th process took out good compost and spread it. Shovelled more of the remaining manure. Have been piling it up at the back of the plot.. Sowed more in the the greenhouse bed and did some clearing..

11th  October 2017
Harvested and pulled out Brazilian Cucumber plantts. Something had caused it to droop. i can only assume it's the weather. I dug oer the area adding manure. Moed the staging with pots around the back of the greenhouse out of sight.
I have sowed lettuce in trays and they have germinated..
Harvested and cleared more Brassicae. At some point considering moving the cage.
I have the netting for the new cage which is due to go up on the lower plot.
Cleared out some soil from a bed in the polytunnel and dded manure and new compost.
Hae pruned remaining tomato plants though they some ne do look that they are nearing the end as did cucmber plants in the first tunnel those were pulled out.

 15th October 2017
With R have been burning in the fire area and I have been removing ash which is an excellent soil improver.
R has been working on the new veg cage. I wasn't able to assist due to engagement but managed to sow Garlic, more onions and some pak choy in the first polytunnel. Emptied out part of the soil in one of the polytunnel beds in order to change/refresh the soil. Then I had to leave

19th October 2017
The new vegetable cage on the lower plot being built by R has made progress. DIY is not my forte. However I did putl together boards to act as a raised bed on the upper plot. I used a simpler method. Sowed  seed in the greenhouse Rapa -Turnip Greens and red cabbage. It's mot really the time of yeat but if you don't try you don't know. The other day I worked in the first tunnel removing and replacing old soil for new and laying white pebbles under the slabs, Remoed some tree cabbageas I have enough in the cage. transplanted mature lettuce as I needed the space.  A  risk that worked beecause they can suffer shock.

21rst October 2017,
Sowed broad beans today. Did my best not to press the soil. Checked the veg case as tconnections were not all  connected s





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