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Sunday, 31 March 2013

On the Plot and the Rest

 Many entries have been erased as I have found that the page can't hold so many entries
 A Happy New Year to eervyone and may you have great success in 'growing your own'.
I have made a few Resolutions for the New Gardening Year.
I have assisted a number of people on their allotments. Particularly people with less experience.
Due to my enthusiasm I endered up digging their plots for them.
This year I will ask people to demonstrate their technique and I will then show what I do if I feel there is a need. I will cotinue to visit and provide further advice if there the person feels a need. 
Rotavating: Rotovating, in my view, can only be done when plots have been dug over a few times and all bind weed is removed otherwise it will return, Unlike the past I will not move my rotovator from the site but I am happy to rotovate other plotholders plot onsite. 
This year I shall endeavour to have more follow on crops this side of winter.

25th November 2017
I have covered the larger section of the top plot with compost made from recycled waste. Having moed the veg cage further down the plot due to the slop the cage was leaning forward I have adjusted it by using posts. I have been watching a video on growing vegetables in cold weather. There were some interesting bits such as protecting spinach in harsh conditions gives ahead start in the spring. I also tried an omelette with spinach. Recommend. Found some pak choy seedlings in the neighbours compost . This tells me it's very hardy. I took them and planted them in a small patch in front of the greenhouse. I put a cold frame over the top.  I will be gradually phasing out the paraffin heaters and using  cloches in the polytunnels. This was stimulated by                                                                                                                                                                                                     ............................

30th November 2017
Rather a cold day. Earlier I drained and removed the filter box from the pond area as it is leaking . I haven't found the source despite extensive searches. I hae asked for help from someone who  has assisted me before. Meanwhile the pump is off only an aerator is working .
On the plot I have place fleece over seedlings in the raised beds as I want to phase out the heaters due to the expense. I will reuse a heater in ealy spring or before in the greenhouse.
I also covered the spinach which is on the top plot. Brought some more compost made from recycled waste,

4th December 2017.
In the process of levelling out the top plot as it slopes.
 14th December 2017
I have been on the plot and was also away. I returned to find that the vegetable cage which i had purchased had collapsed in parts. I have rebuilt part of it that hadn't bent or broke from the weight of the snow. I have left the net off as I don't have too much brassica left on the plot. I wrote to Harrods Horticultural about this. They recommend removing the net when there are high winds an snow which rather defeats the purpose. Someone else's cage had become warped. Their cage was purchased from the same company.
I also have manure that was tipped onto the upper plot. I have started to move it onto different parts of the plot. Despite the cold snap the seedling in the polytunnel beds which are covered with fleece are still fine.though grwoing slowly probably becaue of the limited day light hours.

16th December 2017
The veg cage on the new plot had collapse while i was away. I have taken the good parts and rebuilt a smaller one and left it without a net. the brussels sprouts are nearly finished and the Kale is not that great. Something to work on next year. There is tree cabbage on the lower plot in the nearly finished cage which is being constructed by R.Oerwintering in the ground are: Onions, garlic, Broadbeans. I used up the last of the potatoes a

26th December 2017
I have spread manure on the top plot from a trailer load that was brought in and now have spread a fresh load of compost made from recycled waste . I have raked it out and when the soil hs dried out some i will rotavate it in. I also brought some compost to another plotholders (who has some physical issues) plot.
I harvested some vegetables for my  younger neice  who likes cooking : salad , pak choy and a pasnip which was 18 inches long! I am please that the pond at home is now in full working order.

29th December 2017
Reorganised the greenhouse . I shall use it to store my seed potato on one o the shelves. At home the Kelsae onion seed is beginning to show.Move more compost down to the unfinished vegetable cage on the lower plot and some more on the top plot. I put some compost made from  vegetable matter  on the top plot in an attempt to make it more level .

3rd January 2018
I did some seed sowing . It is quite early however I can alway plant inside if i sturdy plants. Sowed tomato, onions (given to me by a Japanese Plotholder., Cauliflower - all year round ., Aubergine. Lit the Paraffin heater. 

5th January 2018.
Worke mainly in the greenhouse. Transplanted some salad stuff ; lettuce , pakchoy to the back. A bit risky as the plant can go into shock and droop. Generally it works for me. I tarnsplant quickly leaving soil clinging to the roots. I added a bit of manure to the vacated patch  in the green house . I intend plantin Melons there on mounds.

I moved the frame (which I will use to cover vulnerable crops) to the top of the top  plot.  I rotavated the top plot and on the lower plot around the back of the polytunnel and inside the brassica cage (yet to be completed. I took out the remainde rof the crops that were left in there as they had been chewed by birds. chopped the roots off the brassicae planrs and put the tops in the compost box.

14th January 2018
Yeterday I sowed some Basil. The lettuce i sowed in a tray is  germinating. I only have one paraffin heater going. emptied some  more compost on the top plot.

16th January 2018
Rather a quiet time now. I was on site yesterday really to check. This morning I sowed some Tomato seed at home. Seed I had taken from purchased tomatos and dried. I have one this before successfully. This is more for fun as I am 'itching to sow'. This and  tray of sal are in a propogator . I also have a sweet potato in  jar held up by tooth picks  with it's tip in the water. I want to try and get 'slips' from it. i haven't one this before.

17th January 2018
Transferred the remining salad leaf  (in the greenhouse) into a long deep pot . I ug out the soil  in the be and replced it with new with an underlay of manure. On the lower pot i gapped up the winter onions . By gapping up I mean reemoving from rows where growth wa sporadic and replanted the onions in other rows that had gaps.







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