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Monday, 20 September 2010

September 2010 Update from the vegetable plot

The photos above are somewhat out of date as the plot is in a constant state of change. The culti-tunnel has been repositioned to a sunnier spot at the top of the plot. The potatoes above on the left hand side have been harvested ( I mentioned in a previous update that I had rather a poor crop but it seemed to have been a general problem for many this year). In there place are lettuce, radish and some spring onions. Today I sowed red onions (to grow over the winter) in between the lettuce (due to a lack of space!). There are many more (Japanese Onions) on the other side of the runner beans (pictured above on the left near the potatoes).. these will also grow over the winter. I purposely chose the high ground especially as the lower end of the plot tends to flood and I felt the precious onion could have been much better if not for that. This is a concern as crop rotation is so important.
I am harvesting rather a lot of runner beans, kenyan beans, celery, lettuce leaf, some tomatoes, cabbage, courgettes, some broccolli
and I have finished have just finished harvesting some smaller onions which were sown in the summer. A good crop despite the difficulties of no taps on site, flooding (at the lower end of the plot and various other obstacles.
There are also the other ongoing jobs such as; weeding, clearing area where the crops have been harvested and spreading manure..
I shall leave you for now. I am happy to answer questions.

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